Human Resources Management Consulting

In course of performing activities, as well as managing all other resources, companies are required to effectively manage their human resources - determine needs, position and improve performance.

Companies that consider employees to be the most important source of their competitive advantage, are constantly challenged to attract, keep and provide personal development opportunities for employees who are creative and value-added, value teamwork and uphold customer satisfaction as his/her primary goal.

Our consultants provide guidance for your company to develop institutional reflexes that help create the appropriate environment.

In line with your objectives, our consultants work with you to identify issues that need to be considered and draw an action plan to increase efficiency and productivity of your workforce planning.

Our consultants work with you on issues such as;

  • Evaluation of your human resources,
  • Preparation of job descriptions,
  • The creation of Competency models,
  • Development of the Performance Management System,
  • Introduction of Fee Management System,
  • Human Resource Development and Training Plans and Training Management System
  • Setting up the Office of Human Resources Career Management System,
  • Formation of Human Resource Information Management System,


We offer companies the top talents’ they are looking to recruit by creating a “Candidate Pool” – where your requirements such as sector, company profile, product range and the employee profile are carefully matched with qualified prospects with whom preliminary assessments are carried out by our team.

Utilising our CV bank, we deliver an accelerated recruitment process for companies that don’t always have the time or resources to develop their own effective Human Resources Management systems hence deliver considerable savings in terms of resources and time.