We help you adapt to current developments with productivity, motivation, technology, competition, economic, social and cultural conditions; develop and implement measurable, lasting improvements in all aspects of Operational processes. Enabling you to gain and keep competitive edge.

In the light of corporate governance principles, we work with you to develop plans ensuring a successful transition of management between successive generations, enabling a balanced family relationship within the company.

Change Management

In the modern business environment, organizations face rapid change as never before. Globalization and innovations of technology result in a constantly evolving business environment.

The necessity of change is no longer a topic for discussion. How to achieve continuous change, and how to improve the organisation's ability to adapt to these changes has to be put into practice immediately.

If an organisation doesn’t adapt to changes, such as utilising latest technologies or new business practices in time, it will without doubt be left behind by the competition.

Yordam Management Consulting helps your organisation to adapt to current developments with productivity, motivation, technology, competition, economic, social and cultural conditions.

In this context, Yordam’s services include:

  • Recognising changes in the broader business environment. Identifying and managing the driving forces of support and resistance to change within your organisation.
  • Developing the necessary adjustments for your organisation’s needs.
  • Gaining your employees’ support by involing them in every stage of the transformation process.
  • Drawing out plans for the proposed professional and behavioural training for your employees.

Cultural Change

One other important element of gaining competitive advantage is an established company culture. Culture will either aid or hinder the organisation’s efforts to develop and deploy its mission, strategy and policies.

Cultures which lack collective value, belief and behaviour codes would lag behind cultures that do as they would not be as proactive and adaptive, therefore they would unavoidably lose competitive advantage they might have had.

With our Restructuring of Corporate Culture services we design and apply strategies to :

  • Create a cultural transformation that will support the goals of your organization by active participation of all your employees
  • Enabling you to keep and gain competitive edge.

Global Integration of Family Companies / Designing the Institutionalisation Process

Throughout the world and also in Turkey, a large portion of economic activity is being performed by family-owned companies. Because of their inability to grow and simultaneously institutionalize, it is an established fact that most family-owned companies experience serious problems regarding the transition of management between successive generations. Therefore their long term continuity remain uncertain. Studies suggest that the portion of family-owned companies which survive the third generation transition is only at 4%.

“Global Integration of Family Companies”

services include:

  • In the light of corporate governance principles, reordering and regulating family relationship within the company.
  • Creating a “Family Constitution” which will aid communication within the family and support achievement of objectives,
  • While including family members in the management process and considering each member’s expectations; creating and deploying a “next generation management transition” plan.

Process Improvement

  • Identifying current processes in your organization,
  • Revising and improving according to your customers’ needs and expectations. Depending on your company’s individual needs, this may involve a partial or total restructuring.

Analysing existing processes to identify opportunities, we aim to create customer-focused, cost-optimized processes through which the value offered to customers will be significantly increased and the system can be measured and managed on a regular basis.

Organisational Restructuring

The competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of your organization are aspects which are directly linked to how well your organizational structure is streamlined with your mission, vision and strategic goals.

In this context, our Restructuring Consultancy Services comprises of;

  • Carefully evaluating your existing structure, your processes, your organization's way of doing business, culture and the characteristics of the sector you operate in.
  • Making the necessary revisions and remodelling of the correct structure of your business which will accelerate your potentials to reach your goals.

At each stage of the process, our top priority is to eliminate any elements of resistance by ensuring participation of top management and employees at all levels.