Sales and Marketing

We collaborate with you to create and sustain profitable growth by developing your company’s Strategic Marketing plan. Identify your sales and distribution channel needs, develop and implement systems, enabling you to manage them effectively and efficiently.

We assist you to create your unique brand and Customer Relationship Management strategies, lead practices to build a positive brand perception and develop measurable systems to support your sales and marketing activities.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Nowadays, due to increased competition, companies have widely been utilizing strategic marketing plans. Strategic Marketing Planning is a process that includes development and implementation of the company’s medium and long term marketing strategies.

This is a study which comprises both the marketing and the strategic plans of the company and helps management to develop a roadmap determining how these marketing objectives can be realised. Therefore, Strategic Marketing Plan is a meaningful tool at the macro level which will benefit the company in the long term.

A correctly drawn strategic marketing plan helps the company to utilize its time and financial resources effectively. In this context, Yordam provides specialist services to help you create your strategic marketing plans, identify strategic marketing activities and develop a blue-print for the implementation of these activities.

Sales and Distribution Channel Effectiveness

A product that is manufactured to meet the consumers’ expectations and the correct pricing is important. It is also as important that the product must be made available to the consumers’ at the right place and the right time. Companies seek to select the correct channel to ensure that their products are delivered to the market in the most effective and efficient way. Characteristics of the market, consumer, manufacturer and the product, environmental factors and sales features are the main factors that influence the choice of distribution channels. In consideration of these factors, the following must be determined;

  • Which distribution channels will be used?
  • How many levels will the they contain?
  • What will be the length of the distribution?
  • Who are the dealers to work with?

In addition, it is also extremely important to determine how the channel will be managed?

For effective management, it is necessary to put in place systems that will deal with maintaining motivation of the channel members, performance measurement and evaluations.

With our expert team of consultants, we identify your company’s specific sales and distribution needs and help you develop systems that enable you to take control and manage them effectively and efficiently.

Brand Management

In a bid to grasp the competitive advantage, companies work to place their products or brands to a higher market position against rivals.

In order to increase a brand's market position, management needs a good strategy and a policy that is consistent.

Whether the specific qualities of the brand can be recognised as good or bad depends on how it is perceived by the consumers.

In product positioning, factors such as benefits, areas of use, competitors and product differentiation should all be considered.

In addition, while positioning a brand, companies must consider the cost-benefit balance.

Here at Yordam, we provide tailored services which help identify your Brand Management needs, create a unique brand proposition, strategy and policy to help you build a positive perception.

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience represents; Customers’ interactions with the brand at every level and the total value that each customer places on the brand as result of their experience.

This is an emotional evaluation by the customer which is formed in the light of real life experiences at every point of contact between the customer and the brand. Therefore, all points of contact in total form the customer experience.

Point of contact can be the product / service itself, pre-sales, sales action, after sales - every point that the customer encounters with the brand. If there is an inadequacy at any of the points, customer's perception of that brand will be negatively affected.

In an effort to maximize the total value the customer places on the brand - management of customer relationship at all points of contact is referred to as “Customer Experience Management”- is only possible when company employees at all levels are made aware of the importance of customer experience and work towards the same goal.

Here at Yordam, we provide tailored services which help identify your Customer Experience Management needs, create systems that help you effectively manage and measure your Customers’ experiences and improve your practices.