Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) and Regulatory Consulting Services

As a result of the latest developments worldwide, the global economy has been moving towards a new equilibrium. From the point of increasing the competitiveness of nations and companies alike, It is more important than ever that rules applicable to business life are compatible with global standards. In recognition of this fact, our country has accepted the new Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102. Starting from formation of capital companies into shareholding structure, management structure, organisational structure, company reporting standards, IT technologies and restructuring of organisations; the new Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) has brought extensive range of changes in legal, fiscal rules and obligations to be complied. In addition to all the above, many new legislative arrangements are being added every day. To correctly interpret the new regulations and to ensure timely compliance requires intensive labor and knowledge.

As Yordam, with our expert team of consultants, we provide specialist services to ensure your company’s compliance with legislative changes in the TCC.