Social Security Ledislation Consulting Services

We provide specialist services to ensure your company’s compliance with legislative changes with the Turkısh Commercial code and Social Security Legislations.

Business and Social Security Institution (SGK) Related Transactional Advice Services

  • Transactions regarding opening new business, transfer, merger, division and closure of existing businesses.
  • Procedures regarding business relationships such as, joint venture, consortium, sub-contractor, employer lent.

Social Security registrants and the (SGK) Transactional Advice Services

  • Transactions regarding notification of new employees and employees leaving work.
  • Social security related transactions for foreign workers.

Consulting Service regarding Actual Earnings based Insurance Premium.

  • Identification of earnings that are deductible or undetectable in terms of Social Security premium calculations, premıum rates and calculation of premiums.
  • Arranging installment plans for premium balances that are owed, allocation of gauranties and progress payment balances in lieu of premium balances owing.

Short-Term/ One-Off Insurance Related Transactional Advisory Services

  • Transactions related to Work accidents, occupational diseases, maternity and sickness etc.

Company Transactional Records and Documents Analysis Services

  • Checking documents and records such as journal books, pay slips, salary calculator compass, payroll records, employee personnel files, etc..) being kept by employers
  • Examining validity of records and transactions in respect of the SGK regulations.
  • Examination of the documentation to be processed on the SGK E-insurance system, (Monthly premium service certificates, registration documents, workplace declarations, declaration of resignation, the missing day notices, etc.)
  • Operations in respect of prevention of administrative fines emerging.

Consulting Services in respect of SGK’s Employment Incentive Schemes.

  • Examining the validity of all transactions and records in relation to Incentive laws and regulations.

Consulting services in respect of Industry related minimum performance audits being performed by the SGK inspectors and transactional advices in relation to the reconciliation process.

General Health Insurance scheme advisory services.

Preparation of Circulars aimed at explaining the frequently changing Social Security regulations and practices.