Profit and Cost Based Management Concept

Due to advances in communications and technology and faling profit margins, in order to maintain continuity, it is vital for companies to take control and reduce unit costs and increase productivity.

In order to meet their profitability targets, companies must set up an effective costing information system infrastructure. Overall production costs (fıxed and variable costs) should be distributed on profit center basis. For each consecutive activity during the production process, companies must be able to control and understand what, when and how much of the company resources are being consumed. Companies also need to examine and thruoghly understand what factors affect production activities and identify issues that need to be resolved.

While attempting to maximize revenue and profitability, management in general focuses on increasing sales and sales operations. Therefore in most cases productivity losses - which are associated with workflows - are overlooked.

In fact, during the production process, manufacturing, marketing, and product costs of each unit can be separated; functions and responsibilities may be divided on the basis of product or profit centers. By taking these steps, companies can identify areas where cost savings can be made, hence increase profitability.

Drawing on our experience of operational business processes, our expert team of consultants will help you develop improvement work plans to mimimise your costs, productivity losses and increase your productivity.

At each stage of the process, our top priority is to eliminate any elements of resistance by ensuring participation of top management and employees at all levels.