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Relying on the 6331st Occupational Health and Safety Act, Article No. 7 and with the aim of supporting occupational health and safety, the new Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety Services Regulation has come into force commencing January, 1st 2014.

With this study, you can find information in respect of the scope of the regulation, eligibility criteria and calculation of benefit amounts.

I. Identification of Workplaces Eligible

SGK records will determine which businesses are eligible for the benefit. Support will be made available for employers with less than 10 employees and where the establishments are classed under the dangerous and very dangerous category and are located in Turkey.

When determining whether the number of employees is less than 10, the following terms is checked:

a) Where same employer holds more than one registered establishment whether or not placed at different locations in Turkey, under 5510 Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law subparagraph 4 / a, overall (all locations) total number of employees who are working for establishments that are classed as dangerous and very dangerous is considered.

b) The number of insured employees that are employed by subcontractors are added to the total number of employees working for the establishment.

c) Registered employees even if for - a variety of reasons - did not work and therefore not get paid during the month are still included in the total number of employees.

d) For each month, through monthly premium returns and supplement documents supplied to SGK, the number of cancellations and corrections are subtracted from the total number of employees.

e) For each month leavers and joiners are added to the number of insured employees.

f) As specified in Vocational Education Act 3308, the candidate apprentices, apprentices and students undertaking vocational training are not taken into account when determining the number of employees.
Workplace must be OHS-Clerk approved and registered and is required to have an ongoing service agreement contract in place for the provision of health and safety services.

II. Calculating Benefit Provisions for Occupational Health and Safety

For establishments classed as Dangerous and very dangerous; the benefit for provision of occupational health and safety services is calculated per insured employee per-day based on the daily insurance premium income limit for employees who are 16 years and the rates are 1.4% and 1.6% respectively. i.e. Based on 2013 minimum wage amount, which was £ 1021.50, calculated on the (new in 2014 on the minimum wage will be recalculated), according to the danger class, the monthly support benefit on behalf on an insured employee can be calculated as follows;

  • Dangerous establishments:1.021,50 TL x %1,4= 14.30 TL
  • Very Dangerous establishments:1.021,50 TL x % 1,6 = 16.35 TL

III. Determining Benefit Provisions for the Occupational Health and Safety

SGK has been provided authorized access to OHS-Clerk to ensure all determinations are carried out according to the principles and procedures specified within the scope of the contract and payment of establishments engaged in the fourth article in the framework by the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety.

For establishments which are eligible and registered under the scheme, SGK calculates benefit amounts quarterly. At the end of the three month period, the benefit amounts are paid to the employer at the end of the second month following.

Within the legal period, if there are unpaid premiums and premiums in the case of debt exist in the establishments account, Social Security Authority will deduct these amounts from the amount of support payable.

A formal application need to be submitted by employers who wish to benefit from the scheme. Applications, payments and other matters related to the scheme are administered by SGK under instructions by The Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

In order for employers to benefit from this scheme, It is essential they pay their monthly premiums and provide necessary documents to SGK on time.

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